Liam Minihan Lectures

1995: Professor John Coolihan, Prison Education and Adult Education

1996: William Rentzmann, Three Cornerstones of the Danish Prison Service: Normalisation, Openness, Self-Administration

1997: Dr Paul O’Mahony, What we can learn from who we put in prison

1998: Ian Dunbar, Prisons: The Importance of a Sense of Direction

1999: Dr Ian O’Donnell, The Crisis Building in Irish Prisons

2000: Dr Carolyn Eggleston, International Trends in Prison Education

2003: Professor Sean McConville, The Moral Element in Punishment

2005: Professor Stephen Duguid, Canada’s Cognitive Corrections: Diagnosis, Dosage, Treatment

9 May 2006: Fr Peter McVerry, Rehabitation: Are we for Real?

16 June 2007: Erwin James, Prison Education: The Great Liberator

6 May 2010: Dr Eoin O’Sullivan, Reflecting on the Ryan Report: Coercive Confinement min 20th Century Ireland

8 May 2014: Dr Jane Carrigan and Dr Geraldine Cleere: Recent Research on Prison Education: Prisoners’ Experiences and Perspectives

14th May 2015: Professor Michael O’Flaherty, Chairman of
the IPRT, on Prisoners and Human Rights

19th May 2016: Dr Kevin Warner, former co-ordinator of education in the Irish prison system: The potential of education for people held in prison

11th May 2017:  Niamh Bruce on Mindfulness in a Prison Context

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